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  1. France Shooting

    French police have killed a gunman holed up in supermarket in southern France where he had taken hostages earlier on Friday, Interior Minister Gerard Collomb says.


    Fears of a trade war are roiling financial markets Friday, with stocks under pressure around the world and the U.S. dollar in retreat.

  3. Syria

    Syrian state-run TV is broadcasting images of hundreds of Syrians streaming out of a besieged town in eastern Ghouta, heading to safety in the nearby capital, Damascus.

  4. APTOPIX Budget Battle

    U.S. Congress has given final approval to a giant $1.3 trillion US spending bill that ends the budget battles for now, but only after late scuffles and conservative objections to big outlays on Democratic priorities at a time when Republicans control the House, Senate and White House.

  5. Conservatives

    Charging ahead with the dramatic remaking of his White House, U.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday he would replace national security adviser H.R. McMaster with the former UN Ambassador John Bolton, a foreign policy hawk entering a White House facing key decisions on Iran and North Korea.

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